Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect ‘Keefe D’ Will Plead Not Guilty, Pending Lawyer Says

The murder of Tupac is making headlines almost 30 years after it happened now that authorities have their suspect, Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

As the arraignment is set to happen in the upcoming weeks, it’s being said that Keefe D will claim his innocence and enter a plea. 

Keefe D currently has a pending attorney, according to ABC 13 KTNV. Prominent defense attorney Rodd Goodman appeared in court representing Davis and mentioned that Davis plans to plead not guilty.

While in court, Goodman also noted that he was not sure if would represent the suspect accused of shooting and killing rap icon Tupac and told the judge he needed more time to think it over.

“I’m not going to confirm today, your honor,” Goodman told the judge. “I’m going to ask the court for two weeks to continue the arraignment and for confirmation of counsel.”

While it seems like the lawyer has to finalize some things, he’s already looking into the case as far as evidence which could be a sign that he’s planning on going through with the case. 

I’m not hired to review the grand jury transcripts,” Goodman stated. “But the things that jump out, there’s no gun, there’s no car, and there are no witnesses from 27 years ago.”

The judge has granted Keefe D’s next appearance in court to be pushed back two weeks.

Davis is facing charges for the 1996 shooting that led to the death of Tupac in Las Vegas. Police got wind of Davis after he mentioned in his book and spoke on media outlets confirming that he was the shooter.

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