Kendrick Directs Bars At Big Sean, Jay Electronica And French Montana In Leaked ‘Element’ Track

Ten years after Kendrick Lamar sent a shockwave through rap with his verse on “Control,” another diss song targeting some of his contemporaries has leaked.

A user on X that goes by the name of SaVichTakes posted a snippet of “Element” that seems to be a scrapped version of “Pandemic” from the 2018 “Black Panther” soundtrack. Kendrick Lamar took the time to address lingering grievances with several rappers, including fellow “Control” MC’s Big Sean and Jay Electronica. Later in the thread, the poster mentions that portions of the verse came out in 2019. “Element was also the title of a track from the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning album DAMN.

After engaging in a subliminal battle for years, including Kendrick’s 2017 hit song “Humble,” he unloaded some straightforward bars for the Detroit native, mocking the title of his 2011 album and his high profile romantic relationships with Naya Rivera, Ariane Grande and Jhene Aiko.

“Big Sean keep sneak dissin,’ I let it slide/I think his false confidence got him inspired/I can’t make them respect you, baby, it’s not my job/ You Finally Famous for who you date, not how you rhyme/ Cute-ass raps, get your puberty up/ Then make you a classic album before you come at us/ Drake and Meek Mill beef might got you gassed up/ But I’m a whole ‘nother beast, I really f*ck you up.”

Sparked by the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar buried the hatchet in 2019. 

In February of 2016, Jay Electronica shared some unflattering words about Lamar during a Periscope livestream. Referring to him as his “son” and his “baby,” the New Orleans wordsmith, who also claimed to have the best verse on their controversial 2013 collaboration, said “we don’t know what that n*gga talking about.”

Kung Fu Kenny addressed it by spitting, “Jay Electronica put silencers on my Grammy night/ Another dead prophet hoping the God’ll give him life.” Lamar took home several awards from his To Pimp A Butterfly the same month of Jay Electronica’s proclamation.

French Montana was mentioned for his words about TDE’s then-flagship artist in a “Breakfast Club” interview. The Jungle Rules rapper called out Kendrick’s critical acclaim as a way to “shift music towards that direction” and said his music is “not what you listen to all the time.”

“F*ck subliminals, I put you on the roll call/French Montana speaking on me in interviews/ Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve”

As for the mention of Drake and Meek Mill, it’s unclear if Kendrick was simply referring to the heated feud that culminated in the unlikely hit “Back 2 Back” or if he intended to send shots their way as well. Everyone mentioned with the exception of French Montana were namechecked on “Control.”

So far, the rappers mentioned in the leaked clip have not publicly responded.

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