Kevin Gates Criticized For Teaching 10-Year-Old Daughter How To Drive Without Seatbelt

Kevin Gates has social media in a frenzy for his way of giving his daughter driving lessons.

The Baton Rouge rapper shared the moment on his Instagram, but his actions drew a great deal of criticism. Gates seemingly may have been hoping for that father-daughter teaching experience, but some people thought otherwise when they looked closer in the video. In the clip, the rapper is seen coaching his 10-year-old daughter on the rules of the road while she’s in the driver’s seat without wearing a seatbelt.

“You can give it a little gas; go about 20,” the rapper can be heard saying while he sat in the passenger seat. “Keep that ********* in a row. You got that *****, Is.”

While his daughter Islah was concentrating on following her dad’s instruction, the car’s seat belt warning feature beeped, indicating for her to use the seatbelt.

The “Big Gangsta” rhymer opened the world up to one of his most precious moments in which he goes on to say they’re worth more than anything.

“When you love what you have – you have everything you need,” the 37-year-old wrote under the video. “These moments are the ones worth more than anything to a Father #islah says I’m a pretty 😎cool dad – I love you all.”

Although the “I Don’t Get Tired” MC was basking in this priceless moment, some Instagram users were not a fan of Gates not telling his daughter to put her seatbelt on.

“This cool and all but bra put her seatbelt on,” one user wrote in response to the video.

The criticism went heavily in the rapper’s direction; even though many were coming from a place of safety for his 10-year-old daughter, Kevin Gates might not have interpreted it that way.

“I don’t raise ******,” Gates countered at the comment under his post.

The “2 Phones” rapper recently made headlines, shocking social media when he brought a pregnant fan on stage during one of his shows and intentionally spit in her mouth.

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