Killer Mike Reveals How He Secured Young Nudy Feature

Killer Mike reveals how he secured a recent Yung Nudy feature!

According to TMZ, the Atlanta legend shared an unusual tactic to get a Nudy feature on the deluxe version of his latest album, entitled Michael. Despite trying to track him down for weeks, the ATL emcee was determined to snag that feature.

“So I’m chasing Nudy,” he said. “Nudy’s a street kid, right? He ain’t got time to sit still for no 40-something-year-old rapper to be calling him, talking about, ‘Will you feature on something that’s gonna be on my deluxe?’ Nudy’s uncatchable!” 

After trying everything to get a hold of the hot rapper, Mike realized that he was classmates with Nudy’s mother. This connection made him reach out to Yung Nudy’s mother. 

“Nudy’s mama said, ‘What? Killer Mike’s calling you for a feature,” he shared. “‘Yeah, you’re gonna do that and you’re not even gonna charge him.’”

Mike’s and Nudy’s collaborative song, “ACT UP” closes out the album, where Yung Nudy is on chorus and gives fans a verse.

After the track was released, fans praised the pair as they claimed that Mike made another phenomenal album, and also declared that Nudy didn’t miss throughout the audio track’s official YouTube comment section. 

Towards the end of the interview, Mike shared that he will most likely show his gratitude to his former classmate by gifting her a nice handbag. 

The deluxe version of Michael, was released Sept. 15 and featured big names such as Young Thug, Mozzy, Future, and JID.

Platforms such as HipHopDx claimed that the album is one of the best to be released this year. 

Did you listen to the album? If so, were you surprised by how this feature came about? Let us know in the comment section.

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