Kodak Black Asks Tiffany Haddish To Collaborate On OnlyFans

Kodak Black might have his eyes set on the Girls Trip actress.

On Monday, the controversial rapper held an Instagram live stream, where Haddish joined him. During their online interaction, Yak didn’t waste any time and asked the Hollywood actress if she was interested in appearing in an OnlyFans video alongside him.

“How about we do an OnlyFans video,” he asked. 

As a response, Haddish quickly shut down the proposition.

“Uh nope, we not doing that,” she said. “First of all, I’m too old for that sh*t. Second of all, you know I got box office movies. I don’t need to go on an OnlyFans, okay?”

Kodak initially used the livestream to address the recent emerging concerns about his well-being following his recent appearance on NORE’s Drink Champs, according to Vibe Magazine. 

After he was turned down for his OnlyFans request, Kodak Black steered the conversation to ask if he could appear in any of Haddish’s upcoming projects. But the two settled on Haddish appearing on one of Kodak Black’s songs.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles native allowed others to listen to unreleased tracks as she hosted Hollywood Unlocked’s 2023 Impact Awards.

Vallejo legend, E-40 and the beloved Lil Jon were featured on the unreleased tracks. According to the publication, the way that features E-40 was produced by the rapper’s son, Droop-E. Brooklyn’s Fivio Foreign also revealed that he worked with the comedian on a track.

I ain’t gonna lie, I **** with her,” he shared. “Her energy — her **** different, boy. And she’s funny as **** for real.”

After the shoot, she had me with Dave Chappelle, and my other son — and they was like, mad funny. I ain’t gonna lie. This **** number one! This **** going to number one,” he exclaimed.

After the two agreed, the conversation revisited the OnlyFans request.

Wait, are you on OnlyFans though?” 

“I could do that, boy; I’m bout that bag, you heard me,” the Broward County native said, causing Haddish to laugh.

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