Kodak Black Dozing Off On Instagram Live With Cup In Hand Leaves Fans Worried

Fans of Kodak Black are worried about the rapper’s health after a video surfaced of him nodding off while going live on Instagram.

Similar to many public figures and entertainers, the Instagram Live feature serves as a way to connect with supporters. The Florida rapper aimed to get in on the action and chop it up with fans, however, things soon went left.

The video shows Black recording himself with a cup in hand, nodding off for a few seconds before waking up and regaining his composure.

While some viewers brushed off the brief incident, attributing his actions to simply feeling fatigued, others voiced their concerns regarding the now-viral footage as a sign of something more serious.

“Pray for Kodak,” wrote a fan in response to the video.

Over the past few months, the “Super Gremlin” rapper has had his fans worried about his well-being. Just last month, there was a TikTok video of Black on a stretcher, one arm across his face, as he was being wheeled into a hospital by paramedics. The caption read, “Y’all pray for Kodak”.

Another incident occurred in June, when the 26-year-old rapper was slurring his words and acting unusual while sitting on the floor, shirtless, on Instagram Live.

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