Kodak Black’s Attorney Confronts 1090 Jake Over ‘Snitching’ Allegations

1090 Jake is letting it be known that he’s not the snitching type despite what’s been said about him.

Internet personality 1090 Jake has a track record for putting people on blast, specifically with ‘snitching.’ The blogger has called out people like Finesse2Tymes and even Quality Control CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. But now the finger is getting pointed at him.

Some paperwork that surfaced accesses the blogger of informing on a prison inmate. Accusers claim that he mentioned the inmate in a handwritten statement. 1090 Jake addressed the claims of him being a rat on Instagram Live with No Jumper.

“This ain’t no new story,” he told No Jumper’s Riemoh regarding his snitching allegations. He goes on to say that he broke down the situation years ago in a YouTube video, saying that he watched officers beat and physically assault an inmate.

The self-proclaimed 6 figure felon appears unbothered by being called a snitch, but that didn’t stop the criticism from users online. He feels as though writing a grievance is not the same as smithing. Lawyer Bradford Cohen, who represented clients from Drake, DMX, and Kodak Black, took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the situation.

“The story is strange.” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “This gentleman wanted an interview with kodak about his feature on a record. When he didn’t do the interview, this guy came out and that somehow kodak told on jail guards, when I filed a lawsuit against guards (part of the basis for the communication) for failing to allow kodak access to religious leaders and abuse, that was telling. Meanwhile, I just got DMs from a person with docs where Mr. Cherry gave a SWORN statement as a witness in a shooting and gave a statement to police about other ind.s”

1090 Jake wasted no time clapping back at Kodak Black’s lawyer in the comment section.

“You a lawyer,” the internet personality wrote in response to the post. “Request that shooting case and see nobody existed, in that case, 💯 Talk about why Kodak ain’t come out his cell.”

Jake recently took shots at producer Wack 100, calling him a rat in his Instagram story.

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