Kodak Black’s Lawyers File Motion To Have Drug Case Thrown Out, Says’Oxy’ Pills Was Tylenol

Kodak Black is fighting to have his 2022 drug case dismissed! 

According to TMZ, Kodak Black’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, argued that the pain pills connected to the 2022 case weren’t OxyContin as authorities accused him of having, but were just Tylenol.

According to the publication, Yak was pulled over while traveling in a car in Fort Lauderdale. The vehicle allegedly had illegally tinted windows in Fort Lauderdale last July.

After police allegedly smelled a marijuana odor coming from the car, they performed a search and found 31 pills that they believed to be OxyContin and $74,960 in cash.

Kodak Black was arrested and charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of trafficking oxycodone.

However, Cohen argued that the pills that were allegedly tested were destroyed, and the authorities failed to provide any report supporting this claim.

In October, the 26-year-old and his lawyer took to social media to highlight the alleged injustice.

“They can try and rewrite history after the fact, but not one helped,” Cohen said on IG. “I protect all of my clients and stand up for all of my clients. I do my best for all my clients. I will always set the record straight for any of my clients.”

Cohen also accused the Broward County Sheriff’s Office of allegedly trying to hide FBI Special Agent James Mitchell’s alleged bias toward Kodak Black.

As he and Kodak Black continue to fight to have the drug possession charges dropped, Cohen also believes that the whole arrest was part of a “coordinated takedown.”

This motion file follows Kodak Black’s recent headline appearances in the news after an online spat with Ray-J in response to his controversial Drink Champs interview.

After the Drink Champs interview was posted online, the “One Wish” singer shared his concerns surrounding Kodak Black’s health.

However, the self-proclaimed “Super Gremlin” fired back and threatened Ray J.

“Ray J, your little *** a *****, homie. A ***** don’t need no help, *****-*** *****. I’m skraight, dumb-*** boy. **** wrong with you, homie? I’ll beat your little ***,” the controversial rapper exclaimed

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