Lil Baby Clears Up Rumors Surrounding ChriseanRock: ‘Please Stop Attaching My Name To That’

Rapper Lil Baby took to Twitter to release his frustrations of being unintentionally involved with ChriseanRock and Blueface’s relationship. Lil Baby is not happy with Chrisean for trolling a simple interaction they had at a party. According to Lil Baby, he saw her out and gave her some advice he thought she could use.

“I seen her at a party an told her some real **** she know I never tried to talk to her! I know I bring attention, but chrisean, even trolling about a child an stuff is too far!!” the rapper tweeted.

Blueface has accused ChriseanRock of stepping out on him during their on-and-off relationship. One of the men he has accused her of being with is Atlanta rapper Lil Baby.

The two musicians have been going at it on social media for months now, throwing subliminal messages at each other. Lil Baby is now done with the games and is setting the record straight on his relationship with ChriseanRock.

“I ain’t with the trolling ****! I be laughing at certain ****, but Aite, now stop playing I ain’t never tried to talk to no mf chrisean !! Please stop attaching my name to that !” he continued to tweet.

Lil Baby wants his name to stay out of the drama surrounding Blueface, ChriseanRock, and Chrisean Jr. He said that he did have a good laugh in the beginning, but now he thinks the joke has gone way too far. Chrisean chimed in on Lil Baby’s post and confirmed what he said on Twitter.

“See, he finally said it …FACTS TOLD YALLL I BEEN ATTACHED TO HIS NAME BECAUSE MY BABY DADDY INSECURE ASF TOLD YALL .. someone tell blue he can stop trolling me,” Chrisean wrote.

She called out Blueface for accusing her of having a baby with the rapper Lil Baby. Blueface got wind of the tweets and decided to respond to her on Jaidyn Alexis’s birthday.

“Don’t nobody want yo snaggle tooth *** on sY iam not yo baby daddy stop talking about me,” he said.

Blueface continued to say that Chrisean Jr. is not his son and wants ChriseanRock to stop calling him her baby daddy. He reposts Lil Baby’s tweet, which called Chrisean ’embarrassing’. Blueface then shouted out Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his first two children, for releasing her new single ‘Barbie’ amid the drama.

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