Lil Baby’s ‘For The People Foundation’ Will Have Music Classes In HBCUs

Lil Baby is one of the most successful rappers of our generation; however, he’s also a businessman who has his hands in many philanthropic projects.

The Atlanta hip-hop heavyweight wants to make sure that he gives back not only to his community but to other areas as well. His non-profit, known as the For the People Foundation, is just one of many projects the rapper launched this year.

“I teamed up with someone else and we’re going to open up a music class in different HBCUs,” the Quality Control artist told XXL in a sit-down interview. “It’s going to be something super, super big. And it’s actually going to roll out, like, everywhere.”

The “Yes Indeed” emcee goes on to express how infusing his love for music and helping others brought him the most pride.

“I’m going to do some things with Apple and different services and stuff, so you’ll definitely see it,” he said.

Lil Baby has a “logne forgiveness” program that partners with AXE body spray. This program helps men by giving them a better way to splurge on luxury colognes.

The Atlanta native is currently on his “It’s Only Me” tour, with GloRilla, Rylo Rodrguez, and Gloss Up. 

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