Lil Durk Connected To FBG Duck Case, FBI Informant Alleges

FBI informant speculates that Lil Durk and his older brother D Thang had something to do with FBG Duck’s death. It has also been assumed that Lil Durk is a high-ranking Black Disciple.

FBI court documents have been leaked under an Instagram account, Chicagoscene77. There were multiple posts about the investigation. One post stated that Lil Durk was an alleged high-ranking Black Disciple.

“Turpin asked someone that he was speaking to on the phone, ‘what’s D Thang number?’ and went on to tell the person to whom Turpin was speaking to have ‘D Thang’ call Turpin,” he said, the document reported.

“Multiple witnesses are expected to testify that D Thang is Dontay Banks, Jr., the older brother of Individual E (Lil Durk). Multiple witnesses will testify that individual E is a high-ranking Black Disciple and, at times material to the superseding indictment, was and is a part of a Black Disciple faction allied with O-Block Lamron.” the document concludes.

This whole situation allegedly started because FGB Duck reportedly had sexual relations with the mother of Teezy’s children. Teezy is the male who reportedly gave the shooters FBG Ducks’ location after seeing him in a public setting.

The court document did not state that Lil Durk was a part of the shooting with FGB Duck. But it did state that multiple witnesses will testify that individual E … Lil Durk is allegedly a gang member.

Multiple witnesses and informants are willing to testify against Durk and the O-Block congregation.

“Cooperator 3 will testify that he has witnessed murders committed by O-Block members in STL territory. Specifically, the government expects that Cooperator 3 will testify that he witnessed the murder of Dale Fischer, aka ‘Squirrel’ in STL territory in December 2011,” the doc reads.

This case is getting bigger and bigger. With more witnesses coming to the four front, we will see how this case turns out for Chicago rapper Lil Durk.

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