Lil Durk Speaks About His Show Allegedly Being Shot Up

The Chicago Police Department is investigating an allegation of an active shooter during Lil Durk’s concert at The United Center. The frantic audience can be seen rushing to the nearest exits in numerous videos that have leaked.

Although there have been few reported injuries, authorities are still looking into the situation after getting many calls regarding a potential active shooter.

However, Lil Durk took to social media this morning, Monday, Aug. 14, to address the allegation and the thieves that stole merchandise during the building’s evacuation.

“Don’t believe the hype we bigger then big thank you Chicago till next time and who all stole the merchandise tag me so I can repost y’all crazy a–,” he said.  

The venue, United Center, told TMZ that they are working closely with the Chicago Police Department to get to the bottom of the situation. 

“We are working closely with authorities to investigate all incidents from last evening at the WGCI Summer Jam show. It became apparent for all involved that ending the show early was in everyone’s best interest as the safety of our guests and employees is a priority,” The United Center said. 

“We are thankful that initial incident reports were false and that guests exited the facility safely,” they continued.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, unverified reports of a shooting caused fans to flee the United Center during a performance by rapper Lil Durk. During the chaos, a 20-year-old woman from Aurora was stabbed, and another woman ended up in the hospital with her two young nephews.

The Aurora woman said that she was stabbed in the forehead during the altercation.

“I’m fine,” the woman told the publication, adding that she was treated at the scene. “I’m just in pain from the incident.”

Another woman, Christina Holt, 35, said she was taking her two nephews, 10 and 11, to their first concert when they were injured during a “stampede” of concert-goers.

“It was horrible, we were all so terrified,” she said. The three of them spent the night at Rush Medical Center.

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