Lil Reese Apologizes For Humiliating Man Sleeping On The Street

Lil Reese has apologized after footage of him shamelessly embarrassing a homeless person in a video posted to his Instagram Story.

“I would like to apologize to my fans and everybody watching for recording and laughing while they were pouring water on the homeless man in the video. I do not condone or support that type of behavior in any way. I will be giving away money to
the homeless community, as well as giving away food, clothes and water twice a month going forward,” he said.

In the video, the “Supa Savage” rapper is walking with a group of friends with a drink in his hand. Once, the group saw a homeless man sleeping on the concrete. Things take a turn for the worse as the Chicago rapper and his entourage approach the man. The group began to laugh at the humiliated man.

“Get his ass, get his ass,” someone off-camera said as Lil Reese continued to record. “Put that b***h on his head. F**k him.”

 Fans began to call out the Chicago drill rapper for trolling a homeless person in the viral video. 

“This dude a [clown] 🤡 and the people with him are worse. They gotta hang out with someone like him for clout. Too scared to tell him when he wrong because they don’t want to miss a free ride. And he stupid for thinking they really like him,” one fan commented. 

“Bro beats women, bullies the homeless, sh*ts himself and promotes death/violence in his community,” another person responded. “Why do y’all look up to and idolize him?? Does this n***a even make music anymore?”

This isn’t the first time Lil Reese was in the hot seat for his negative actions. 

In May 2021, TMZ reported just two weeks after he was shot in his eye, Lil Reese allegedly pulled his girlfriend’s hair, punched her in the face, and busted her lip as a result of a heated argument. Reese was arrested and hit with a misdemeanor domestic charge. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he allegedly made a racist comment toward the Chinese community regarding the speculation they had something to do with COVID-19 shutting down the world.

“Chinese people nasty asl man got the whole f**k up,” he tweeted. 

However, he has been trying to correct his past mistakes. After initially denying that he knew Chicago’s DJ U, he gifted the DJ a bike to replace the one he reportedly stole while they were children.

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