Lil Reese Denies ‘Goofy’ Reports He Was Arrested For Trespassing

Lil Reese wants to clear his name after reports stated that he was arrested for trespassing.

Earlier this week, there were not only reports but a mugshot circulating online of the rapper. The reports were that the rapper was arrested for criminal trespassing on state land, which is when someone intentionally enters someone’s property without the okay to do so. Reese let it known that this was fake news and urged his fans not to believe everything they came across.

“I’m not in jail,” the drill music pioneer wrote. “Stop believing goofy **** on the internet…”

Just earlier this month, the Chicago MC explained what happened when he was shot in 2021.

“They was shootin’ from five lanes over,” he said on the No Jumper podcast. “It’s goofy ****. They was five lanes over, shootin’ at my car, thinkin’ I was somebody else.”

The shooting left the drill artist with gunshot wounds in the eye, head, and mouth.

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