Lil Reese Details 2021 Shooting: ‘They Was Shootin’ From Five Lanes Over’

During his recent No Jumper interview, Lil Reese shares the horrific details surrounding his 2021 shooting incident. 

On Sept. 30, the 30-year-old rapper discussed the details of what transpired on the day of his shooting back in May 15, 2021. Reese shared that he was on his way to his mother’s house to give her some cash when the shooters started firing at his Dodge Durango. 

“They was shootin’ from five lanes over,” he said. “It’s goofy shit. They was five lanes over, shootin’ at my car, thinkin’ I was somebody else.”

According to XXL, Reese, born Tavares Taylor, was wounded on Saturday, May 15 during the shootout. He and two other people were shot at a parking garage on 6 West Grand Avenue in Chicago. 

The cause that sparked the shooting was a man involved in the shooting said that his Dodge Durango had been stolen before the incident. The owner was able to locate the car at the same parking garage in downtown Chicago using a GPS tracking device, according to the Chicago Tribune.

However, Reese shut that rumor down as he discussed the incident. 

“Somebody else had the same car as me, and they just did a video in the car, so they thought my car was his car, and they shot my car up,” he said. 

An incident record from the Chicago Police Department shows the rapper was grazed in the eye, head, and mouth during the shooting, as opposed to being shot in the thigh, as reports initially stated. He also shut down the rumor that he and the shooters had a fight before it happened. 

“I got grazed in the eye, I got grazed in the head, and I got grazed in the mouth,” he said. “It was never no fighting going on. Like, the dude that was recording me was just lying, saying, ‘Oh, it’s a fight.’ No, it wasn’t no fighting going on,” he explained. 

In the recorded video footage that made its way online, Reese shared that he appeared to be more injured than he actually was due to a police officer slamming him down on the concrete.

We’re glad to see Lil Reese pull through, as he escaped death several times during his career!

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