Lil Reese Gifts DJ U New Bike After Stealing His Back In the Day

Lil Reese has done his research and got DJ U another bike.

As payback for a theft that occurred while they were children, Lil Reese allegedly got a bike for DJ Univercity.

“I ain’t even gonna lie,” Lil Reese started. “I did some research before I got your bike back, gang,” the rapper said as he gifted DJ U the bike. “Go head and have that b***h.”

DJ U recounted an incident where he accused Reese of stealing his bicycle. 

“Lil Reese stole my bike,” the DJ recalled as he explained that he grew up in the same apartment complex as the rapper back in the day.

After being accused of stealing the bicycle many years ago, Lil Reese initially denied knowing DJ U in his Cam Capone News interview. Lil Reese discussed how he, King Von, and Fredo Santana stole the bike. He also noted that much of his time on the streets started with little crimes like bike theft.

“I probably did take his bike,” the “Supa Savage” rapper bluntly said. “I used to take n-ggas bikes back then. I did used to do that shit. All them n-ggas from 63rd, we used to go down on they block and beat them up and take they bikes, real shit. Catch them on the bus and up guns on them and shit. We used to torture them boys.”

“Fredo was out there with us. Von was out there. T-Roy was out there. A lot of n-ggas was out there that’s still around. Basically,” he continued. 

Lil Reese gifted DJ U a new bike, apologized and asked for forgiveness, reasoning that his actions were only childish misbehavior. He was further confirmed that Mr. Research indeed took his bike.

DJ U reposted the Cam Capone News clip.

“My grandma gave me that bike @reesemoney300 😡,” he said.

We’re glad the two have gotten past this incident and now can laugh about it.

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