Lil Reese Involved In An Altercation With Several Women

In a viral video clip, Chicago rapper Lil Reese is seen in an altercation involving several women. In the video, Lil Reese is seen pushing multiple women before he slaps one directly in the face.

A man then steps in and tries to grab Lil Reese to stop him from causing any further harm. The man and Lil Reese tussle, while punches were being thrown by the rapper.

You see the Chicago rapper choking out several people in the video before it abruptly ends. Lil Reese has been in a lot of headlines lately.

Fans speculated that Lil Reese had been shot and that he was in critical condition. But Reese set the record straight on Instagram.

“Before y’all keep dm me and steady calling and texting me it’s nothing wrong with my brother that **** so old ppl just weird as hell out her!!!!” King Von’s sister confirmed.

We are still unsure how the altercation started and if any of the participants have pressed charges for aggravated assault.

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