Lil Reese Responds To Reports Saying He Was Shot 6 Times In Chicago

Social media was buzzing as rumors spread that Lil Reese was shot six times in Chicago, but it seems like the rapper is still the subject of fake news.

The misinformation spread with many blogs sharing what they thought happened with no evidence whatsoever. An associate of the drill rapper shared a screenshot of her messages with Reese to debunk the tale. Fellow rapper Kayla B decided to be the one to help shut down the baseless claims by taking to Instagram to show off her conversation with Reese to confirm to his fans that he’s indeed safe.

“Hell yea, blood, that’s fake news,” the drill pioneer seemingly responded to Kayla B in iMessage.

The “Us” MC also appeared to want to get to the bottom of whoever initiated the rumor by wanting to know who posted the fake news.

“They blowing me.” Kayla B wrote. “Every blog posting it.”

“Send me screenshots, gang which ones,” the drill artist asked in the messages.

This comes just weeks after Lil Reese sat down on the No Jumper podcast to discuss being shot several times in Chicago in an incident that almost took his life in 2021.

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