Lil Reese Responds To Resurfaced Mugshot Going Viral

Lil Reese is the latest rapper to have an old mugshot make its rounds online.

The mugshot stood out to many due to the stark transformation with the drill rapper. The picture shows the “Us” artist appearing to have gained weight, and because it’s from the chest up, it’s really emphasized in his face. The now viral mugshot led to just about every joke you can think of, from Alvin and the Chipmunks references to the Quagmire character on Family Guy.

It seems a prankster used a face-fattening app to plump out Reese’s face.

The Chicago rapper noticed the resurfaced image and wasted no time addressing those making jokes.

“That fake edited a** mugshot yall crazy 🤣🤣🤦” the 300 rapper tweeted out.

Now, the original ‘unedited’ mugshot may have been from the rapper’s arrest last year in Texas, where he was charged with aggravated assault.

More recently, Reese showed his growth by getting DJ U’s bike after he stole his back in the day. As a child, the rapper said he used to terrorize people in the community by stealing their bikes at gunpoint.

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