Lil Tay Accuses ‘Abusive’ Father Of Swatting Her House For Exposing Him

Internet social light Lil Tay put her family matter on display by telling the world her father swatted her house. Lil Tay made an effort to expose her father and the things he has been doing behind doors.

She went to her Instagram story and showed a video of police swarming her home in Vancouver. Tay posted a video of her speaking to fans about how he is allegedly an abusive father.

“My abusive father swatted me to prevent me from continuing to expose his racism, misogyny, sexually abusive behavior, and domestic violence,” she said.

This all started when an odd message was posted on her social media account stating that she had passed away. She came forward to expose the lies in the statement. Tay later flew to LAX to show fans she was still alive.

Lil Tay and her father, Chris Hope, have been going back and forth for years now. She alleged that her father physically abused her and kept her locked in a closet when she disobeyed him.

She posted an official statement about her father owing child support since the year 2014. Chris Hope owes approximately $275,000 in retroactive child support. Her father has yet to speak out about the allegations against him. We know very little about her father, but what we do know is that he had been a lawyer for over ten years.

“You cannot ******* silence me. This is not just for myself, but for all girls and women,” Lil Tay said.

Lil Tay had been off the influencer scene for over five years now due to a messy custody battle between both of her parents. She finished her speech by telling her father that she cannot be stopped and will continue to tell the world her truth.

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