Lil Tay’s Parents Reach Custody Agreement That Could ‘Advance Her Career’

It seems like the controversy has yet to settle down for viral rapper, Lil Tay. Maclean Law, a family law firm based in Canada, posted a statement on the 14-year-old’s Instagram page, on behalf of her mother, Angela Tian.

“We have been asked to clarify media confusion as to the current state of the family law proceedings, including custody, child parenting and child support,” the post reads.

This comes just one week following the death hoax of the influencer, which turned out to be that her account was hacked.

“Given privacy concerns related to the children, we provide a brief status update on the results in the British Columbia Supreme Court,” the statement continued.

The statement also explains that MacLean Law has successfully obtained primary custody of Angela Tian, and Lil Tay’s primary residence will be with her mother. Angela also has the right to relocate outside of Vancouver if she wishes, while having final decision-making power and responsibilities.

The father of the viral star, Christian Hope, has been ordered to cough up $270,000 in overdue child support, dating back to 2014. Angela told TMZ that this is a huge win for them, saying that the drawn-out custody battle has put them in a severe depression. The two parents weren’t seeing eye to eye when it came down to dealing with fame. Lil Tay’s father wanted the young rapper to leave L.A. and stop making online content. Now, the mother’s lawyers believe that this win in the custody battle will help Tay advance her career, as Angela is the person entitled to sign contracts.

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