Lil Wop Changes His Mind About Getting Gender Transition Surgery

Lil Wop received a lot of backlash when he first came out, saying that he wanted to transition into a “Bad B*tch.” He is now coming forward to publicly admit that he will no longer transition into a woman.

“I ain’t transition no more the bad b*tches & the trans b*tches need a real n*gga like me,” he tweeted. “And just to clarify, I’m not saying I’m not g*y or I’m not gone be dressing up I’m just not fully transition.”

Gucci Manes ex-artist Lil Wop first decided that he wanted to transition into a woman early this year. At the time, he never clarified a name change or specified his pronouns.

In 2009, the rapper came out as bisexual, saying that he likes both women and men. Some people in the Hip Hop community did not agree with his choice to become trans.

Concerning information about the Atlanta rapper spread on social media.

“Former 1017 member Lil Wop was recently laced with fake pills that he brought from a person he didn’t know,” the post read.

“I know everyone got they lil flaws and desires, but idgaf what drug I do or get laced with my soul won’t ever allow me to do no sht like that. Women are too beautiful to be faked,” Ralo said on X.

DJ Akademiks alleged that Lil Wop was influenced by fame, adding that being put on a high pedestal causes men to act out. Ak said people do whatever they can to stay in the game and stay in the news.

He also alleged that the Island Boys are creating incest videos only to keep their name in the media.

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