Lil Yachty Faces Backlash Over Response To Sexyy Red’s Story

When Sexyy Red appeared on Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad’s podcast, “A Safe Place,” she admitted that she had been raped. Yachty’s response infuriated fans.

The two podcast hosts seemed unsure of how to proceed when Red mentioned the event.

“I got raped before. That’s the craziest thing that ever happened to me,” the St. Louis rapper said when asked about the craziest thing she’s been through. 

After sharing this secret, the hosts started to laugh, before apologizing to the new rapper. 

MitchGoneMad and Yachty both paused before asking for a “different story,” to which Sexyy Red responded with a “shootout.” 

Some followers on social media expressed their anger with Yatchy and MitchGoneMad for their reactions, as well as the way they handled the situation.

“A shootout is ok to talk about but they draw the line at r**e ?? weirdos.. both are traumatic experiences,” one fan tweeted

More fans joined in on the conversation. 

“At least the other guy tried to back peddle back to it. But The way lil yachty completely dismissed it is disgusting,” another Twitter user said.

On the other hand, some fans came to the hosts’ defense.

“Idk why y’all expected Lil Yatchy and his homeboy to dive deep into her being R’d. It’s clear that they wasn’t ready for that and thought it was better if they didn’t speak on it. They even went back and apologized and they all agreed to move on,” one fan said. 

“Lil Yatchy and his co host did not dismiss sexy red. They edited tf out of that clip. Go watch a Dr Phil interview with how he makes victims describe trauma & then picks them apart with no care in the world. Stop the fake caring sh*t,” another Twitter user said.

Drake recently gave Sexyy Red a significant endorsement for her music career by including her on his currently running “It’s All A Blur” tour with 21 Savage. During an interview with Rolling Loud, she disclosed that the two had also visited a recording studio together.

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