Lil Yachty Responds To Social Media Clowning His Tattoos

Again, Lil Yachty is letting the social media world know he’s unbothered by what’s said about him.

The Georgia-born rapper caught a stray online jab when a social media user shared an image of Yachty from the chest up criticizing his tattoos. The shirtless photo of the entertainer shows several of his ink, including a compass, the word ‘concrete’ with different fonts, two replica figures, and other body art.

“Rappers spend so much money on jewelry but never on a good tattoo artist.” a Twitter user said.

The conversion of tattoos spread through social media, with many sharing their dislike of the random body art. The user didn’t even tag or mention the rapper’s name, but Lil Boat got wind of the post and had quite the response to go along with the internet jokes.

Lil Boat quoted the tweet with a 5-second clip of boxer Adrian Broner saying, “Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah… I ain’t gon’ lie; I’m getting cooked.” Surprisingly, he agreed and further roasted himself and the other users.

“Yea, my tats suck, hahahaha,” he wrote in agreement with social media users regarding the tattoo slander.

It’s safe to say the rapper doesn’t regret his body art and can take a joke about slander towards his tattoos. Lil Yachty is currently on his The Field Trip tour, which makes stops in cities including New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta and more before heading overseas. The rapper also has an all-women band for the tour, the first time he’s done this.

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