Logan Paul Says Relationship With Fiancée Is ‘Much Stronger’ Following Dillion Danis’ Antics

Logan Paul is letting it be known that he’s unfazed by his opponent Dillion Danis’ recent antics involving the YouTuber’s fiancée, Nina Agbal. Even with all the bitter insults, Paul ensures that his relationship with model Agdal is stronger.

“It’s so much stronger. I love this girl so f**king much,” Paul said on his Impaulsive podcast. 

“Nothing will get between us, not some fake internet troll. His life has devolved into being a pretend fighter,” Paul continued. “He’s attacking an involved third party, a woman. That’s all he has, and I get it, all is fair in love and war. The amount of dirt I have on him sitting in my phone, but do I want to go there?”

The 28-year-old professional wrestler made it clear that no matter what Danis, Connor McGregor’s long-time training partner, does with his internet insults, he is rubbing them right off. The feud between the fighters heated up when Danis shared a vulgar video of Paul’s fiancee referencing her need for sex. Paul insisted that Danis’ attempts to get inside his head failed.

Paul has dated Nina Agbal for over a year and popped the question earlier this summer. He is expected to battle Danis on October 14 in London.

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