Man Who Cooperated In XXXTentacion Murder Trial Now A Witness In YNW Melly Case

The cooperating witness in the late XXXTentaction case has now been added as a witness in YNW Melly’s trial.

According to court documents, Robert Allen, one of the men who was convicted in the late Florida rapper’s murder trial has been added to the list of witnesses of Melly’s trial on Friday.

The Florida State Attorney named seven more people as witnesses who “have information that may be relevant to any offense charged, or any defense thereto.” Allen is one of those witnesses, according to XXL. It was reported that Allen and Melly (born Jamell Demons) were both inmates and were held in the Broward County jail at the same time. However, it is unclear on how Allen is connected to Demons’ trial at this time. 

In recent news, Demons and his co-defendant, YNW Bortlen (born Cortlen Henry) legal woes have intensified as they have been accused of murdering their late friends, 21-year-old Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams, and 19-year-old Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas. 

After the initial trial for the 2018 murders of Thomas, and Williams, ended in a mistrial due to  the jury were unable to reach a unanimous decision in the case.This prompted the prosecution to continue through with a second effort to prosecute the two rappers. As they continue to fight, Melly’s attorneys submitted a motion asking for the dismissal of the charges against him after they accused the case’s prosecutors of “withholding information about their lead detective. 

Just before his recent arrest, Henry’s home was reportedly raided, where authorities seized a number of personal items. 

On Friday, Demons and Henry were charged with witness tampering  as they used music titian, and business mogul Rihanna’s name to stop Demons’ ex-girlfriend and her mother from testifying against them. 

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