Max B Shoots His Shot At Ice Spice From Behind Bars: ‘She Looking Real Tasty’

Max B is expressing his admiration for Ice Spice from behind bars.

In a recorded prison call, the “Wave God” rapper was asked about the current state of female rappers. He let it be known that he’s been listening to Cardi B, but his special shoutout to Ice Spice stood out the most. He even goes on to talk about how the “Munch” rapper could be part of his EMG movement.

“Shout-out to Cardi B, you already know the classics,” he said over the phone. “But we need a first lady on this EMG movement. I’m looking at some pieces. I’m loving that Spicy Ice joint right now.”

The incarcerated rapper let it be known that he has his eyes on Spice and is a fan of her signature hairstyle.

“She looking real good,” the “Boss Don,” said. “I’m loving that Icy Spicy right now. She looking real tasty with that carrot top going off. That top looking like carrot cake. I want a bite.”

Max B is the latest person in the music world to give shout-outs to one of the fastest-rising rappers of the generation. Ice Spice has already gotten cosigns from Cardi B, has two collaborations with hip hop heavyweight Nicki Minaj, and even did a song with pop sensation Taylor Swift. Ice Spice currently has a partnership with Dunkin’ and has a drink called “Ice Spice Munchkins Drink.”

In 2009, the Harlem-born MC was charged with conspiracy to armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and felony murder. Max B is connected with having robbed two men at a hotel in 2006. The incident resulted in one of the men being shot and killed.

Max took a plea deal that reduced his sentence to 20 years.

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