Meek Mill And Coi Leray Inspired By Snoop Dogg’s Decision To Quit Smoking

The Philly rapper is one of the few rappers that will quit smoking after Snoop Dogg’s decision. 

Accepting Snoop Dogg’s quit smoking challenge, Meek Mill shared that he will also stop smoking. In his recent series of tweets, he shared that smoking is detrimental to his health.

“Ima wuit once I go cold in Dubai …. Snoop start the no smoking challenge we gone follow up! It’s not healthy for me” he tweeted. 

Coi Leray also accepted the new challenge as she announced that she’s also going to stop smoking. Sacramento’s DB.Boutabag shared that he’s also kicking the habit to the curb with an Instagram story as the announcements kept rolling in.

According to the 36-year-old, his doctor revealed that he has a “little bit of emphysema” and advised that he will ultimately cut his lifespan in half if he doesn’t stop smoking. 

“Ima go to Dubai and completely stop smoking … ima follow snoop, my doctor said I got a lil bit  emphysema in a chest if I don’t stop smoking it cuts my lifeline in half, I was addicted to the nicotine and this new weed got too many chemicals and too risky to play with my mental,” he continued.

As a result, to improve the quality of his life, Meek Mill shared that he will move to Dubai to quit cold turkey, after he suggested “new” cannabis is tainted with “too many chemicals.”  

Meek Mill’s health conscious based decision follows the announcement that his criminal record was reportedly wiped clean back in October after he was pardoned.

As for more Meek Mill news, he and his right hand man, Rick Ross dropped their collaborative album entitled Too Good To Be True on Nov. 10. 

This album follows the two rappers’ damaged relationship after Meek Mill reportedly denied Rick Ross entrance to his 34th birthday party, according to Complex.

According to HipHopDX, they matched NBA Youngboy’s predicted first week’s sales of approximately 30-35k units.

Are you surprised by Meek Mill’s decision to stop smoking? 

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