Meek Mill Negotiates With Shoe Vendor Over $200 Price Difference

When it comes to sneaker culture, many people take it very seriously, especially when it comes to the price of certain brands. Meek Mill got in on the action during a sneaker convention in New York City.

The “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper was browsing the different booths at the event when he stumbled upon a pair of shoes he wanted.

In the video shared online, Meek Mill has his money in hand, trying to buy a pair of Pine Green Nike SB x Jordan 4’s. Then, the Philly native attempted to negotiate the price with the vendor.

I can buy these in-store for the regular price. Why would I buy them here for $500?” he asked the reseller. “And give you a free commercial. That’s a bad move. I gotta teach you how to hustle?”

The vendor wasn’t going for the game of deal-or-no-deal, regardless of what Meek haggled with him over the costs.

“I can buy these in the store right now for $300. You want $500?” Meek Mill continued to question the vendor. “That’s a bad move. I’ma buy them from you, but that’s a bad sell. You supposed to give it to Meek Mill for the low. Get the commercial. I might come back and buy more. Now I’m going to the next table and might spend $5,000.”

The 36-year-old rapper insinuates that he needs to teach the shoe merchant how to “hustle” and teach him his ways. To conclude the interaction, the rapper goes forward with coughing up the $500 that the vendor requested for the Jordans. However, Meek emphasized the big mistake the seller made.

Of course, many social media users chimed in about the transaction.

“Bro came up $500 and he’s all over the internet because he stood his ground. Meek Mill paid the $500 and is being clowned on Twitter who exactly made the wrong move?” one user commented on Twitter. Some users also didn’t like the fact that Meek brought his celebrity status into the equation, when the seller was simply standing firm and doing his job.

According to Complex, the sneaker dropped in March in limited numbers and resell for around $380 on StockX.

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