Memo600 Responds To Lul Timm’s Murder Charges In King Von Case

Memo600 has something to say about Lul Timm’s murder charges.

In a recent interview with RealToonTV, the “Exposing Me” rapper had the internet talking after he somewhat agreed with the outcome of Lul Timm beating his murder charges.

“How is self-defense a slap in the face,” he asked RealToon. “I pray that I get off on self-defense if somebody beat my ass and I shoot them.” 

In the interview, the Memo discussed his close friendship with the late King Von. After he shared how Von’s death affected him and how much of a true friend he was to Memo, despite agreeing with Timm’s self-defense actions.

“We was close; that’s how I basically built my career,” he revealed. “I made ‘Exposing Me,’ then he came and asked me to hop on the remix. I put him on the remix… I learned a lot from him.”

The OTF affiliate also shared that he didn’t want to share the “goofy” stories everyone else shared when discussing the late rapper. He shared that he wanted to focus on Von’s positive impact on those around him. 

“****** want clout,” he said. “Yeah, me and Von used to be riding in traffic with 430s,” he said in a mocking tone. “I ain’t gonna talk about that; we could have talked about that. Oh yeah, we could have talked about that, but that’s police ****. I rather tell you the positive **** that man do than to talk about the goofy **** everybody else talking about.”

Surprisingly, fans took well to how truthful Memo was during the interview. 

In 2020, Memo shared videos while he filmed a music video in the Savannah neighborhood, Frazier Homes, just a few weeks after Von passed away. Fans allude that he was sneak-dissing Timm and Quando Rondo.

As far as what’s new with Memo600, he reportedly joined forces with Rooga to stop the war in Chicago.

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