Michael Irvin Calls Out Son Tut Tarantino For Lying In His Rap: ‘You Grew Up In A Gated Community’

NFL legend Michael Irvin was a trending topic online for his comments about his son.

The former Super Bowl champion appeared on Skip Bayless’ Undisputed Show and mentioned his son’s upbringing compared to NBA player Ja Morant. Irvin was making a point of people putting on a front to appease a specific type of crowd to look ‘cool’ and faking toughness. The father of rapper Tut Tarantino expressed his opinion on the hip-hop gangsta persona and didn’t hold back his beliefs.

“I got a son. He raps. His rap name is Tut Tarantino,” the sports commentator said on the show. “If you ever listen to some of his raps. I’m like, ‘Oh my god. Where does this come from, son? You grew up in a gated community your whole life.”

The Pr Football Hall of Famer discussed his son’s music further. Irwin spoke of how he worked to escape the ghetto life, but now his son is rapping about it and going back towards it in a sense.

“But he’s rapping my life.” the former Dallas Cowboys football star emphasized. “Because we romanticize and fantasize about that old thug life, ghetto life, and all of that stuff. When… we used to work to get away from. Now, we’ve gotten to a place somehow where we’re running back towards it. In the music, in everything.”

Of course, social media had a field day with Irvin, exposing his son for having a misleading music persona in the way he did on national TV.

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