NBA YoungBoy Claps Back At Drake Over Lyrics From ‘For All The Dogs’ Album

Drake released ‘8AM IN CHARLOTTE’ on an Instagram post. The video received a lot of traction from the lyrics within the song. The video was posted on Oct 4, and fans speculated that this had been a YoungBoy diss.

“Look you young boys take some of that money and set it aside, not having enough money to pay your taxes is a federal crime. You ***** obsessed with me and not on no hetero vibes. Handle beef so quiet you think that I’m letting it slide.” Drake rapped.

The next day, on Oct 5, NBA YoungBoy posted some interesting stories on his Instagram. In one post he typed, “try again b**** a** n****”

“And stop sucking that boy **** he know I’m gone cutthroat the **** out” he said “Record my **** ***** you a hoe”

It has been unclear to the public that Drake and YoungBoy had differences to settle. Some fans thought that the diss was a reach and that he did not reference NBA YoungBoy on the track.

We are still unsure if the two musicians are throwing jabs at each other. Only time will tell. Others alleged that J. Cole dissed YoungBoy in the new track he released. Nothing was ever confirmed but fans speculated it was about YoungBoy.

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