Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty Posted In NYC

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have been at war with Offset and Cardi B. Kenneth was allegedly waiting for Offset to come outside while waiting with his crew.

Nicki eluded that Cardi B had called the cops to her home. She revealed that someone called the cops to her house because they flopped. Nicki Minaj checked the person who swatted her house because her son was there.

“Can’t call the cops everytime you flop. just saying” Nicki Minaj posted.

“A child who’s done nothing to anyone but bring joy. You gone get the breaks beaten off you. Ain’t reading comments. DGAF about the, so knock y’all self out.” she said.

Nicki also added the hashtag “#ProtectBlackWomen?” and “#ProtectBlackWomenSometimes?” pointing out that she feels attacked and has not been reassured of her family’s safety.

The rapper and mom also posted the recording of a woman calling the cops on her family. The lady said that a man had a shotgun with a child in his arm meanwhile Nicki asked him to put the child down.

The caller said that the man fired five shots and could’ve possibly been drunk. Nicki felt as if someone was attacking her home and denied rumors to be true.

Kenneth and Nicki Minaj decided to go to NYC to greet fans. Nicki posted that QueenRADIO will be in New York at 4pm.

“QueenRADIO in NEW YORK tmrw @ 4pm Est WHO POPPIN OUT?” she posted on Instagram.

Meanwhile in the video she previewed a new song from her upcoming album “Pink Friday 2”. Nicki Minaj raps about how she’s in the city and dropped her location. This lyric is alleged to be aimed at Cardi B.

“I’m in the city, I drop a location and all of the killers come out. Thes ****** be frontin for y’all but they play the back when killers is out.” she rapped.

It is alleged that these lyrics are directed at Cardi B and her husband Offset. Offset and Kenneth have been going back and forth online due to Offset allegedly writing one of Kenneth Petty’s friends.

Rumors have it that Kenneth responded to this by standing outside waiting for Offset. Now Nicki gets involved and waits in NYC and raps in her song about dropping locations and drops a location in her social media post.

Later, it was reported by Meghann Cuniff that Kenneth Petty was placed on probation due to being “recorded on video making threatening remarks towards a specific individual while with someone with a criminal record.” the court document reads.

The conflict between the two couples continues to escalate. We hope that for the fans the two can come together to show peace within the community.

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