Nicki Minaj Blasts And Files Charges Against Alleged Swatter

Nicki Minaj is letting it be known that future swatters will be dealt with. The “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” rapper took to social media to blast the alleged swatter that placed the bogus call and reveal she is taking legal action against the woman. 

Authorities arrived at Minaj’s residence in July to a 911 call reporting that someone had been shot at her home. A short while later, Los Angeles police surrounded her home in the San Fernando Valley, ultimately without cause, the Source reported.

“Stephanie Bell, A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful. The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS. To God be the glory,” she said.

Nicki’s three-year-old child, whom she refers to in public as Papa Bear, was the subject of a fraudulent report to child welfare authorities in June. The child was found to be secure and healthy after a physical examination.

“Sources close to Nicki tell us she’s not letting this little episode slide,” TMZ revealed. “We’re told she’s hired lawyers to make sure the people behind this swatting are exposed and held accountable — which could mean criminal charges down the road.”

For those who are not familiar, “swatting” refers to the act of people making fraudulent 911 calls reporting serious-level criminal threats or violent situations like bomb threats, hostages, killing, etc., to fool the police into raiding the house or business of somebody who is not committing a crime.

Celebrities who have been victims of swatting are Chris Brown, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. 

After the Queen artist blasted “Stephanie,” the Barbz backed Minaj in her effort to take down the swatter.

“idc which Stephanie Bell it is; she knows who she is, and she can’t outrun what’s coming to her. Nicki will ALWAYS get the last laugh, and that’s just that on that,” one Barb said.

The musician has been stirring up fans anticipating her new album, Pink Friday 2, elsewhere on Twitter following the swatting incident. Nicki has also recently made headlines for her incredibly successful “Barbie World” collab with Ice Spice for the Barbie movie. It was recently discovered that the song had won the top spot on Billboard’s Rhythmic Airplay chart.

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