Nicki Minaj Hangs Up on Kai Cenat During Awkward Instagram Live

Nicki had to bang it on Kai Cenat, was the popular streamer doing too much?

Cenat is no stranger to meeting and befriending A-list celebrities, however, during an Instagram live with Nicki Minaj things didn’t go in the 21-year-old’s favor. At the beginning of their live Cenat irritated Minaj as he loudly chewed his food with his mouth open, which resulted in him getting cursed out by the Queens rapper. 

“Auntie,” Cenat exclaimed while chewing his food loudly. “Auntie, auntie.”

Minaj remained in disbelief of Cenat’s online behavior, while fans were amused and found the encounter was hilarious. As he was going to speak again, he was ordered to sit down. 

“Sit your dumb *** down,” she said.

“Yeah, that laugh. The **** are you talking about?! Who the **** do you think you’re talking to? Sit your silly *** down,” she exclaimed, visibility disguised by Cenat’s actions. 

After Cenat sat down, and appeared to be confused by Minaj’s annoyance, he was quickly booted out of the Instagram live. When Minaj realized that Cenat was no longer a part of the Instagram live, she laughed. 

“Oh, why’s it gonna look like I hung up?” she said. 

Although the Instagram live was brief, fans still shared their enjoyment of the viral moment. As fans pointed out Minaj’s facial expression that displayed nothing short of distaste, others also made jokes about Cenat was under the impression that he was the live’s “main character.”

It is unclear if this is another stunt that Cenat might have pulled, but despite the awkward live Minaj took to social media to show her support to the popular streamer after he was banned from Twitch in April. 

“Let the boy live. Let the boy rock,” she said. 

She also showed Cenat love during a “semi-episode of Queen Radio” as the two went live on Instagram in May. As the two New Yorkers chopped it up, Minaj told Cenat that she  would “definitely stop by” his show, according to Billboard. 

The short Instagram live also prompted fans to tell Minaj to join his stream in the future. As of today, 15 celebrities have joined Cenat during his streams. Along the 15 celebrities are Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Ice Spice, SZA, Bobby Shmurda, Offset, Blueface and ChrisseanRock.

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