Nicki Minaj Husband Kenneth Petty Searches For Offset After The VMAs

Both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B performed at the VMAs this year. It looks like Nicki’s husband Kenneth “Zoo” Petty and Cardi’s husband Offset are at war online.

Offset recently did a 24-hour livestream with Kai Cenat, that had the world laughing. It looks as if now the fun is over for Offset. Nicki Minaj husband Kenneth Petty is seen in the video allegedly waiting for Offset outside.

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty was accompanied by multiple goons, as the reports say. The crew was gathered and ready to meet up with Offset after he reportedly messaged Kenneths crew first.

“Plan that vacation, you gonna be planning your funeral p***y! We out here to talk, right? Let’s talk, but you know we ain’t talking, though. P***y a** n****, I don’t know who y’all think y’all playing with.” Kenneth says.

The two had an altercation that started when Kenneths crew asked if they had a problem with both him and Nicki. Since Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been beefing for years now, it looks like now their husbands are fighting.

Cardi did go on X to tweet about the subject, in a now deleted tweet. “I ain’t even flinch” finished with the yawning face emoji.

Kenneth Petty’s friend said that he is unsure why Offset started the drama by messaging him in the first place. Kenneths side leaked messages between him and Offset.

Offset was seen sending messages about linking up and asking the Zoo squad for their location. Offset allegedly messaged the crew because of something that they said about his wife Cardi B, which is still unknown.

Blogs have speculated that this is all a publicity stunt because Nicki has a new album coming out and Cardi has a new single. The drama has died down, but conflict seems to escalate more and more every time.

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