Nipsey Hussle’s Associate Confronts Charleston White for Speaking on the Deceased Rapper

Charleston White is back at it again! 

Controversial YouTuber, Charleston White, is back in the media as he was confronted by Nipsey Hussle’s alleged associates during the Aug. 26 ICB North American Lightweight Championship’s Crossover Clash: Battle For The Culture celebrity boxing match he was participating in. 

“You heard what I said, keep Nip’s name out your mouth,” the alleged affiliate said, confronting White on film. 

White could be seen questioning the mysterious man, asking him, “Who’s name?”

After clarifying what he said, the man can be seen turning to head back down the flight of stairs to confront White regarding his previous disrespectful comments about the deceased rapper. A heated confrontation arose, which led White to pepper spray the group. Among those in the group was Sauce Walka.

This isn’t the only altercation that White was in over the weekend. Following his pepper spray rampage, he cut his boxing opponent, Suede the Plug God, with an unfolded flip-knife that he referred to as his, “pig poker,” during a separate altercation. 

Before Suede the Plug God entered the hotel’s elevator, the two exchanged a few words before White struck Suede the Plug with the knife, cutting him in the head. Suede can be seen bleeding from a head wound in his friend’s recorded footage.

On Friday, Aug. 25, the Dallas native pepper sprayed Suede the Plug God during the ICB North American Lightweight Championship face-off. 

White escalated the situation by pepper spraying Suede during the boxing match’s face-off, as they were trading jabs. After Suede shoved him hard, White retaliated by using pepper spray.

The state of Arizona, where the boxing match took place, does not have any restrictions on the use of mace, and knives.

The 52-year-old addressed the incidents on Instagram Live.

“They keep playing with me and somebody gonna get hurt for real,” he said on Instagram Live. “Yeah, I signed up to box, and they trying to fight outside the ring.”

He continued. 

“Yeah I split that n***a head open last night. Yeah he steady trying to fight. Then I had to spray Sauce Walka crew.”

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