No Snitching, No Charges: Blueface Attacker Will Walk Due To Lack Of Cooperation

Blueface’s dedication to street politics will set his alleged attacker free.

According to TMZ, the LA County District Attorney’s Office will not pursue a case against Brandon Henrysnell, accused of stabbing Blueface at a Reseda boxing gym. While a surveillance video of the incident exists, the DA doesn’t provide enough evidence to support a conviction without witness testimonies. 

The video shows Henrysnell enter the Kaminsky Boxing Gym with a dog and verbally alter with Blueface, whose legal name is Jonathan Porter and his trainer. Porter, still gloved for his training session, struck Henrysnell several times. The 36-year-old is seen reaching in his pocket for an item before reengaging with the “Thotiana” rapper before the altercation continues out of frame. 

Henrysnell was arrested hours later and released from custody the next day.

The DA dropped the case without a cooperating witness and the actual stabbing taking place off-camera. Blueface, a member of the School Yard Crips, refused to give first responders to the scene any information, including providing his ID and even rejected medical assistance. 

Blueface showed off the bloody wounds on Instagram later that same day. Although he escaped serious injury, he was forced to withdraw from a boxing match against TikTok personality Salt Papi scheduled for Oct. 14. 

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