O.J. Simpson Admits to Being Turned On After Seeing Taylor Swift’s and Brittany Mahomes’ Viral Handshake

The former NFL admits that the two women’s viral handshake turned him on a bit while appearing on Cam’Ron and Ma$e’s It Is What It Is show. 

During an appearance on the Harlem rappers’ sports show, O.J. Simpson weighed in on Taylor Swift’s and Brittany Mahomes’ handshake. Their handshake caught the former Buffalo Bills player to say the least. 

“I didn’t know who the other girl was, but I thought it was interesting,” Simpson revealed. “I was thinking the same thing you was thinking. Their boulders was hitting each other, you know. It was a little bit of a turn-on.”

In the clip, Simpson was able to identify Swift, but was unfamiliar with Mahomes, who is Patrick Mahomes’ wife. However, after he shared his horn dog reaction to the viral handshake that now includes a chest bump. Swifties quickly defended her and advised the elderly man to leave “their queen alone.”

Swift proudly watched her latest boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team, Kansas City Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers on Oct. 22 at the Arrowhead Stadium. 

Swift was sat next to  Mahomes in the Chiefs’ family suite. The two women who  were also seen wearing matching jewelry continued to celebrate during the Sunday afternoon football game, and after the Chiefs won the game, the two women displayed and debuted their special handshake. 

The handshake garnered mixed reactions after it went viral online. As the Swifties continued to support their favorite celebrity, others deemed the celebratory moment as “cringy af” as they suggested that the moment was planned. 

However, social media was glad that the singer was able to make a new friend as she continues to see the Kansas City Chief’s Travis Kelce, according to TMZ.

Do you think O.J. Simpson was out of pocket sharing his reaction? Let us know in the comments. 

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