Offset and Kai Cenat Have A Good Time During 24-Hour Stream

The rapper and the streamer joined forces to do a 24-Hour long livestream for the fans. Offset came to the livestream ready to have a good time. He came prepared with clothes, soap and toothpaste.

Kai Cenat started off the stream trying to make Offset comfortable. Offset then sparks a joint without asking Kai, Kai walks into the room and Offset offers him a hit.

As this happens Offset falls out of the chair and the two have a good laugh. In another video Kai Cenat tries to help Offset overcome his fears by bringing snakes on the stream.

Offset was able to touch the snake but kept his distance whole time. Meanwhile Kai Cenat had to get help with the snake because it was starting to choke him out.

Cardi B, popular female rapper and Offsets wife called in to check on him. She says that she wishes Offset streamed every day for 24-Hours so that she could know what he’s doing all the time.

“This is what I need in my life, for real. You need to be streaming every single day for 24 hours so I can know everything you’re doing,” Cardi said.

Kai Cenat asks Cardi B if her sister Hennesy is single which she responds that she is currently single. Cardi B jokes with the guys about watching the live, saying that “I will be watching”.

Social media is loving the duo and fans are commenting on how much they loved the collaboration. Offset also released new music Friday called “FAN” reminiscing Michael Jackson “Thriller”.

He also revealed on Instagram that he will be releasing a new album on 10/13, called ‘Set It Off’.

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