Offset Gives Cardi B Surprise Gift Right In Time To Avoid Dispute

Cardi B and Offset demonstrated the importance of ‘gift giving’ when it comes to love languages with an extravagant surprise.

The “I Like It” rapper gave her millions of fans a story time feature on her Instagram story. Her romantic surprise unfolded when her husband, Offset, presented her with an extravagant gift, which appeared to be an apology from him for taking too long to bring his wife food.

“Two hours ago, Offset hit me up like, ‘Do you want red snapper?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah,’” Cardi started the video, pointing the camera at her husband. “So I’m waiting on the food and then I start getting aggravated because I’m like, ‘How you gonna ask me if I want a red snapper?’ So I don’t order food. I don’t Uber Eats food because I’m waiting on his food.”

It seems as if the Bronx rapper was getting ‘hangry’ after the long wait for food.

“So then I called him and I told him like, ‘If I knew you was gonna take two hours to get me food, you shouldn’t have even asked me if I wanted food; I would have just ordered it.’ But look what my baby was doing for me!” Cardi said, before moving the camera and showing off a brand-new Gucci bag.

She then excitedly expressed her appreciation for the luxury gift and spoke about how happy she is with her collection expanding.

The hip-hop couple is no stranger to sharing gifts and displaying them for social media to see. On her 29th birthday, the Migos rapper bought his wife a house in the Dominican Republic. When it was Offset’s birthday, Cardi followed up by gifting her man with a two-million-dollar check.

The pair have also had their share of drama. Offset took to social media to call out his wife for cheating, but later admitted that he made the situation up.

The couple then dropped their joining single “Jealousy,” which marks their 8th collaboration. The song peaked at No. 26 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart on Billboard.

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