Old Footage Of Offset Getting Arrested While Shifting Blame For Guns

In leaked video Offset is seen getting arrested for having three guns and some marijuana in the car. Offset was arrested in July of 2018.

He was charged with “making an improper lane change, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, according to jail records.”

The charges for these offenses were dropped one year later in 2019. They were still investigating the case but decided to not charge him at the moment.

Now new leaked footage has surfaced of the rapper being detained. While he was being detained the officer told him that he was being arrested for guns and drug possession.

As soon as the officer told the rapper the charges, he immediately said that the guns were not his. He had a bodyguard with him at the time and told them that they were his.

Offset was still arrested for the crimes along with his bodyguard. After seeing the video social media is alleging that Offset snitched by the way he responded, even though he was with his bodyguard.

“Them his though, them his. You’re locking me up for his gun?” Offset told the officers.

Offset can’t seem to catch a break, he has been in drama back-to-back. We are unsure where the footage came from and who leaked it, but we do know the timing is not ideal for the rapper.

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