PETA Selling Pete Davidson Halloween Costume Inspired By His Erratic Voice Mail

PETA has decided to monetize its recent clash with Pete Davidson.

The animal rights activist group is selling a Halloween costume of the comedian inspired by an angry voicemail he left them over the summer.

The costume set comes with a hoodie that reads “I Should’ve Adopted,” a paper mask of the comedian’s face wearing a redacted swear word and a plush dog wearing a “Shelter Dogs Rule” bandana. 

The limited edition set retails for $99.99 and all proceeds are being used to support population control efforts among homeless canines. 

After TMZ reported on Davidson and former girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders buying a cavapoo puppy from a Manhattan pet store, the organization’s Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations, Daphna Nachminovitch called his decision to not adopt “tragic.”

Davidson responded to Nachminovitch with a scathing profanity filled voicemail.

In it, the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member explains that due to severe allergies, cavapoos are the only breed that he can be around. He also informs Nachminovitch that the puppy was a gift for his mother whose young dog had just passed away.

Davidson concluded the message with “F*ck you and suck my d*ck.”

He later apologized for his “poor choice of words” but said PETA’s comments were making his family’s “grieving situation worse.”

Davidson has not yet spoken publicly about the costume. 

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