Pinkydoll Responds To Accusations She Lightened Her Complexion: I love To Be A Black Woman’

Pinkydoll rose to fame by playing a Non-Playable Character on TikTok. She began making thousands a day by playing out an AI character for people’s enjoyment.

Pinkydoll has a phrase and gesture for every gift that someone sends during her livestream. Once celebs started to see that she was racking up some big coins, they decided to hop on the trend. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Tokyo Tony and NLE Choppa jumped on the trend, making similar gestures to Pinkydoll. People have been impressed with her confidence and lack of fear.

Following her appearance at the 2023 Streamy Awards, Pinkydoll responded to claims that she lightens the tone of her skin when streaming online. TMZ caught up with her, asking about the “light fishing” accusations, and she had a few things to say to the doubters.

“Well, you know, when I go to the sun, I can get a little darker,” she said. “It’s life, what can I do? And I love to be a Black woman; the f*ck do you mean? … I think they’re just hating.”

Fans online began to accuse Pinkydoll of changing the tone of her skin for her online NPC character since she appeared darker while presenting an award to Kai Cenat. Her skin tone is lighter in the TikTok character she plays online.

“Look betta chocolate,” a fan commented.

“She went from Aunt Viv from the last season to Aunt Viv in the first season,” another fan added.

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