PinkyDoll’s OF Content Leaked On Google

TikTok’s newest sensation, PinkyDoll, is expressing anger as explicit content is leaked online. PinkyDoll gained popularity for acting out a non-playable character, NPC, role on TikTok.

She has gained thousands of followers by acting out an avatar role, similar to a character in GTA, which has made her thousands of dollars a day entertaining her fans.

The character she plays online has gotten many celebs to try out her easy money-making methods. Stars such as Nicki Minaj, NLE Choppa, and music producer Timbaland.

She has taken the world by storm, enticing people with her different form of content-making. PinkyDoll has since decided to make multiple TikToks about how her explicit images ended up all over Google.

“I went to Google and put in ‘Pinkydoll naked’ and I clicked on Pictures, and what did I see? There’s a lot of pages, you keep swiping and swiping – it don’t stop,” she said.

She goes on to expose her close friend for leaking the content and being jealous of her success.

“I see all these websites. How dare you, you going to let other people put my face and my body out here doing stuff like that,” she concluded. “I’m going to sue all of you, I’m going to sue you. You allow the people to post Pinkydoll.”

PinkyDoll continues to express her anger throughout the whole situation. She has also been promoting her new song called ‘Ice Cream So Good’ on all her social media accounts.

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