Plies Says Brittany Renner’s Body Count Is A ‘Middle Number’

When Shannon Sharpe nearly faints, you can count on Plies to stay calm. The Florida rapper turned Instagram mainstay reacted to Brittany Renner’s body count reveal on Wednesday’s Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast.

Renner’s admission of bedding 35 men in her life left an impression on Sharpe. But while the NFL Hall of Famer chugged a bottle of liquor in a state of shock, Plies was not phased at all.

“35 Ain’t That Many!! That’s Like $35 Worth Of Gas Bih!! That’s Just A 1/4 Tank Of Gas!!!! Shiiiddddd U Got A lot Left!!!!!! 35 That’s A In The Middle Number!! That Like Being 35 Years Old! U In Your Prime Bih,” he said via his X account.

The “Goon Affiliated ” MC, who has garnered 10.4 million followers on IG with his blunt talk and sense of humor, has spent a lot of time lusting over another Brittany hailing from Mississippi: pop star Brittany Spears. Plies excitedly declared that the “Hold It Against Me” vocalist was his Beyonce while watching one of her recent pole dancing videos on Sunday. 

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