Prime Slaps YouTuber Jack Doherty

Today, Jack Doherty posted a video on YouTube labeled “I Got Slapped By Prime”. In the video it features his friend group full of content creators hanging out at his house.

In the beginning Jack is called outside by the police because his livestream was swatting his location. Swatting is when the chat calls police enforcement to the influencer’s location with no cause.

After the drama from that settle, Prime gets up and decides to smack Jack Doherty across the face. Primes calls Jack a “b**** a** n****” as he sets up his swing.

Jack was taken by surprise and was a little dazed by the hit. For the remainder of the video Jack is walking around fuming at the snake shot.

The YouTuber goes to point out how he could never be caught at 25 hitting a teenager. The statements about Jack age shaming also caught fans’ attention.

“Ur 25 with Prime, ur 30 with fousey, n**** swing back and shut up” a fan commented on the No Jumper Instagram post.

Jack Doherty has been in some drama lately. He was recently in a video when FouseyTube got arrested. Jack is always in the atmosphere of drama but never directly related to the noise.

Currently, it looks as though Jack wants revenge in a boxing match with the livestreamer. Jack offered to take it to the ring, so that it could be a fair and even fight.

It is unknown why Prime decided to slap Jack Doherty the way he did. There was no speculation of beef or even conflict between the two. Now it seems like the two are at war with each other.

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