Rick Ross Flaunts His Private Jet Posted Next To Donald Trump’s

Rick Ross publicly posted a photo of his private jet sitting next to Donald Trump’s on Instagram. He captioned the photo “Billionaires Row.” The photo shows two private jets side by side. There is a smaller one that says “Rick Ross,” while the more extensive jet displays “Trump.” Rick Ross is showing the world he is playing in the big leagues.

He showcased his wealth to the world, previewing his jet in the lane with Billionaires like Donald Trump. In the past, Rick Ross was struggling with the mother of his child and was ordered to pay $11,000 a month in child support. But this is nothing for the rapper who makes $585k a month; he can more than afford it. Rick Ross was once a parole officer, and now he has changed his life and is making over 1 million a year.

Rick Ross is a musician and entrepreneur with many businesses he owns. He owns Boss Wings Enterprises in Mississippi and runs close to 30 Wingstop locations nationwide. According to reports, Ross has a net worth of around $43 million and has grossed over $90 million in his rap career. Rick Ross is very motivated and ambitious in his career and outside of it.

Ross not only used his reach for music, but he also used it to broaden his horizons. Now, he has a private jet right next to the 45th President.

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