Russ Aims to Troll Fans and the Industry to Prove a Point

Russ aims to troll fans to prove his point!

On Thursday, the 30-year-old rapper shared his frustrations with the music industry. As a solution, Russ aims to troll to prove a significant point.

“Real s**t I’m boutta start faking my streams like everyone else,” he tweeted.

 “It’s marketing when you think about it. General person is a sheep.. if you see a song has let’s say 100m streams and you haven’t heard it, you think ‘damn I’m tripping I needa go peep.’ And then the fake streams get you real streams. Such a ridiculous game but f**k it, maybe I’ll film the whole process and drop a doc after,” he continued.

Russ alluded that popular artists inflate their streams as a way to cheat song/album sales. He hinted that artists who sell more than 21,000 sales and have a difficult time selling out arenas used the cheating method.

 “Burna Boy is doin 21k (in America) and sellin out arenas in America as well,” he said. “How come artists who sell more than that (in America) aren’t doing arenas (in America) ?” 

The rapper recently accused Billboard of snatching approximately 4,000 sales from his latest released album, Santiago.

“Billboard & Luminate took away ANOTHER 4,000 of my REAL sales over the weekend making that 10,000 sales total they took away from me while allowing major labels to fake their streams and sales and do monopolistic merch bundles (only major labels are allowed to do merch bundles because the only approved vendor is a major label vendor),” he tweeted.

Although it seemed to be a joke, it seems that Russ is fed up with the underhanded methods that other artists and record labels use.

Do you think Russ aiming to troll fans will inflate his stream numbers, let us know in the comments. For the latest news, check No Jumper.

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