Russell Brand Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Four Women

Actor Russell Brand has been recently accused of abusing, raping and sexually assaulting four women.

In a recent article published by The Times, The Times of London, and Channel 4’s Dispatches, several women, including a 16-year-old he allegedly referred to as “the child,” have accused Brand of raping, assaulting and abusing them over seven years.

The 48-year-old is accused of committing the heinous acts during his peak between 2006 and 2013. A woman identified as “Nadia” accused the actor of raping her in 2012.

“Do you know what you put me through? My body through? My emotions and body are turned upside down,” she wrote a heartfelt letter addressing the incident. “You scared the **** out of me on July 1st; I thought in any situation I would be strong enough to fight someone off. But when it’s someone you know, you don’t expect to be put in that position. You completely broke me down.”

According to medical records from the British publication, “Nadia” shared that she received treatment at a rape crisis center the same day. However, according to the publication, she didn’t file a police report.

A second victim, Alice, claimed to have spent three months in 2006 in an emotionally abusive relationship with Brand. He was in his early 30s. She was 16 years old. According to this victim, he allegedly sexually abused her once throughout their relationship, where he choked her by “forcing his penis down her throat.” Alice also shared that the actor groomed her and instructed her to lie to her parents while providing “scripts” to tell them.

“It was isolating,” she said. 

The third victim, Phoebe, revealed that the two had a brief sexual relationship that stopped after he reportedly sexually abused her at his house in early 2013. According to the New York Post, the two met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“I saw something come over his eyes, I swear to God, like, black, his eyes had no more color, they were black, like the devil,” she shared. “Like a different person literally entered his body.”

“I think he had his hands down my trousers, but I was fighting so hard, and I was screaming so hard, hoping that I could get through somehow,” she continued, “I don’t know what the actual definition of ‘sexual assault’ is, but it feels like that. He didn’t rape me,” she continued. 

She said she chose not to disclose the sexual assault for fear of the consequences that would negatively affect her job. 

Jordan Martin, Brand’s ex-girlfriend, is the fourth and last woman on the British publications’ list. Martin disclosed to the Sunday Times that not only did she face sexual abuse under the hands of Brand, but she also faced physical and mental abuse throughout their relationship. She also spoke about the abuse in her book, “kNot: Entanglement with a Celebrity.”

Since the allegations have surfaced, Brand has denied the claims. His YouTube account has since been demonetized, and according to AP News, the BBC has also pulled his content from their platforms.

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